A day at the Allentown Harvest Fest

October in NJ brings out the annual harvestfests.  This year the wife and I decided to go to the fest in Allentown, NJ.  Very quaint, old and historic town. Not one of the larger fests, but it has its share of booths and stands that you can stroll by and just look at.  Folks selling food to selling arts and crafts to kitchenware.  Its not just about what’s being sold, but about friends and family getting together and just meeting up and checking in to see how things are going.  You also have visitors from around the area that come out so one has to expect parking to be at a premium.  Fortunately Allentown has that covered and allowed guests to park at the local high school and shuttled folks over to the fest.  Nice perk.

So we parked at our usual location (Heritage Park) and was able to capture a few shots of the military re-enactments happening in the main field.  Unfortunately I did not get a chance to capture the battle or the cannon going off.  Hey, can’t sit around and wait, so much more to see!  The 4H had their display set up and were providing ‘goat cart rides’.  Nice play on words ladies and gents!  I did get a shot of a goat chowing down on some hay.  Not the best shot and the depth of field was too shallow and the focus point was not where I wanted it.  The goat was not going to wait and then pose for me as I anticipated so I had to click off a shot at the right moment and hope it was worthy of posting.

Food was smelling good so I couldn’t go buy without trying something so I opted for the beef gyro.  OK its a harvestfest so one would expect something harvesty…I looked but didn’t see anything so dont judge me!  But for desert I stopped in at Swals Dairy for some pumpkin cheesecake ice cream.  That was so well worth it.

Normally they have a larger lineup of classic cars to display but for some reason this year there was only a handful of cars.  I suspect that since there were other harvestfests going on in and around the area that perhaps the car owners had to spread themselves a little thin.

As I noted earlier, not a very large event but just enough to get out, get some exercise, capture some shots and provide me with something to place on my blog for today.  The gallery I uploaded with tonight’s blog were the best of the shots I had taken today.  The weather was so so with some sun and clouds but more so clouds.  Probably for the best since we had gone around lunch time and having harsh sunlight is not a photographer’s best friend.

Also, as I noted in one of my earlier posts, you just have to carry that camera with you wherever you go since you will never know what could come up that has that ‘wow’ factor of a shot and you are bare handed with nothing other than perhaps your camera phone.  Don’t get me wrong, camera phones have come a long way and can provide some really decent shots.  As I walked around today I saw kids using their smart phones to take pictures, I saw adults using their DSLR’s so I was not the only one with the same idea and that’s a good thing.

Surprisingly enough the leaves have yet to change color in my area of NJ so in as much as I had hoped to get some more colorful pictures today, it was just ordinary.

With that I will call it a night.  But before I tuck in for the night I have to format the SD and CF cards, clean the lens, charge the battery and repack the camera bag for the next outing.  Nothing planned for this week but….ya never know…


Avid amateur photographer always looking to enhance my skills and to learn from others through workshops, photowalks and just meeting up.

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