Monochrome In A Sea Of Color

Fall Color

Mono surrounded by color

Its been a while since I blogged but I didn’t want to go too many days without speaking up.  Fall is Slooooooowly coming upon us here in central NJ.  Sure I could make the trek to NY state or somewhere else but I like staying local for the most part and I just have to be patient and wait for the fall foliage to come to me rather than me driving to it.

The misses and I like to take walks in the park and this one park we frequent is starting to show signs of color change.  Most, if not all, of the park is still in the green but as we walked the jog path I came across this one tree that decided to defy mother nature and just start turning color while everything else around was still either green or had just gone total monochrome. And that’s what caught my eye this day while out and about.  Monochrome just sitting right up front in the frame then around it the still yet to change trees showing off their greenness and finally right behind that the beauty of color.

One could make a metaphor for how much color and monochrome get along well together and can at times compliment each other.  Now if our cultures could learn from mother nature and just be able to take these contrast differences and allow them to co-exist together in harmony.

Did I do any layering of that tree up front?  Absolutely not.  I could have done my slight of hand with LR5 or CS6 and masked out any colors I didn’t want but this is how I saw it (less the blur and enhancements in OnOne, which I did for focusing your eye on the center of the shot)

In the coming weeks I hope to have more shots of the park in a full array of color, provided the trees cooperate. Taking pictures just to go ooh and ahh is nice but I like to take it one step farther and put a little thought into why shots show what they do and whats the message behind them.  I believe every photo you take not only has an ability to awe you with contrast, color, sharpness, whatever. Yet there is more to it than just that. Many shots have a pure message they are trying to convey and you just have to look a bit closer and it will pop right out at you.


Avid amateur photographer always looking to enhance my skills and to learn from others through workshops, photowalks and just meeting up.

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