Bathroom project day 2(aka day 15)

bathroom day 2

Bathroom day 2

So you may be wondering why its called day 15…..  Sometimes the space time continuum can play tricks on you.  Day 1 goes great and you find yourself happy that the contractor was able to gut the whole room down to the studs and have everything cleaned up before they leave for the day.  You plan for day 2 being the next day of the week (in this case Tuesday the 8th of Oct) only to find out that you need some work that was kinda expected by you but not so much by the contractor.  I already knew that once they tore down the walls that some floor and framing work was going to be needed.  This was an old bathroom that had seen better days since the house was built in 1974.  Of course there is going to be issues.  So they had to re-frame one wall and put in a new sub-floor (which I actually was glad to see since the original floor was only 3/8ths.)  Now its a nice 3/4 inch.  But….with any change to the original structure comes the dreaded……wait for it……PERMITS and INSPECTIONS!

So now the space time continuum kicks in and I find myself in a void where I have to wait for the permit to come in the mail and I have to wait for the inspector to place us on his virtual calendar that has the makings of a cable call….anytime between 9am and 4pm!  Hey why not just make it 8-5?

So the day comes where the inspector is due to arrive (10/17) and for some odd reason, he becomes a drive by inspector, just waving as he goes by, never stops, never comes in, just keeps on a truckin.  I was not home at the time but my contractor tells me what happens and that the inspection office gets the word that my project was not ready for inspection.  Yeah…right…give me a break!  So with some persuasion by some insiders that I suspect know the inspectors office, we get another appointment for 10/21 (took a week the 1st time around and now it only takes 2 business days, WTH).

This time the inspector is in and out in about 5 minutes and that’s that.  Space and time are now once again in sync. So off goes the contractor on his quest to take up where he left off.

The picture is actually from yesterdays (10/22) work where he got the light in and the walls up.  Some additional tape, spackle and sanding is needed before we can paint but the tub is in, floor is in, walls are up.

As I noted on the day 1 post for this project…you have to be patient and expect the unexpected.  So far the contractor is pulling his weight, knows what he is doing and I expect him to make good on this within the next week.  No we don’t smell…we have a 2nd bath with a shower so this room is available to them for as long as they need to work on it but I am sure they want to start on the next bathroom and move on to another house.

If you are interested in knowing, that is a deep soaking tub (20 inch depth) acrylic (fiberglass shell).  Will I do the bubble bath thing?  I don’t know.  Haven’t done a bubble bath since I was a kid but perhaps with a hefty sub-floor and a deep tube, it might be time to give it a try.


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