My kitchen ceiling needed painting anyway (next bathroom day 2)

In my continuing saga of the bathrooms, I did not actually anticipate one small detail….in order to properly attach the tub and shower pan drains, the contractor must have open access to the underside of both to be sure that the piping lines up correctly.  Sure?  Why not? Just open up the kitchen ceiling above the sink and refrigerator Mr Contractor!  Well…its a mess but its a mess that was absolutely needed to be sure that I wasn’t going to have leaks later on and have the rest of my ceiling come falling down on me or the rest of my kitchen.  And I do appreciate the foresight of the contractor to do this.  Back in the 70’s when my house was built, parts were not of the quality you would expect.  Brass was thinner and over time it actually wears out and then you have this leak from your drain trap that eventually is going to cause you issues with your sheetrock and wood flooring both upstairs and downstairs.

So kudos to my contractor for taking a proactive move to align my new traps (PVC) with the drains so that there will not be any leaks later.  The holes you see here are now covered, but still need some additional spackle and sanding before I can repaint my ceiling.  Like I said in the title, I needed to really paint it anyway so this was perfect timing.


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