Finally, finally, finally….our bathrooms are done

So we now have 2 complete bathrooms albeit they took longer than expected and created ALOT of dust in the house that we are slowly getting to, one room at a time. We have been using both bathrooms for a few days now but you know there’s a story in there somewhere….of course there is…allow me to give you the full rundown.

  • We wanted to start this project right after Labor Day but instead it starts on 10/7.  That was the best we could do between our home schedules and the contractors.
  • Demo on the 1st bathroom goes great.  Taking a closer look, we see some framing and subfloor issues so now its time to break out the permits and to schedule an inspection.  This work is out of scope so cha-ching…mo money, mo money, mo money….
  • Inspector does a drive by and never shows the 1st time so we had to reschedule a 2nd time.  Delays, delays, delays.  But he finally shows and gives us the green light
  • Bathtub, floors, walls, vanity, counter, etc all go in nicely as it should since this bathroom has all the proper dimensions.  I do my part with the painting to help offset some costs. I also mounted the towel racks, hooks for the robes, put up the shower rod and curtain.  Final part was to put a shower head on with a 6ft hose for more flexibility.
  • 1st bathroom is done and we all get to use it while they get ready to demo the 2nd bathroom.
  • Demo of the 2nd bathroom is done and as you already know, more framing, subfloor and some exterior wall work. Cha-ching!
  • 2nd bathroom gets its walls, tiles, floors, shower pan, shower door.  I will stop there for a moment….I paint the room all nice just like I did with the 1st bathroom.  The contractor has to break out his magical shoe horn since the 2nd bathroom, unlike the 1st bathroom has no standard dimensions so the wall where the vanity has to go is only 47 inches and not 48-49 inches as one would expect for a normal and standard size vanity that you could find at Lowes or Home Depot. Some shaving here and there and we have the vanity and counter installed but not without some damage to the walls.  The contractor breaks out the spackle again and fixes them up.  Round 2 for painting for me. Not all that bad but not what I was planning on doing on my weekends.
  • 2nd bathroom finally gets done and we have 2 working bathrooms upstairs.  Or at least we thought comes the twist!.  Over the weekend the 1st bathroom develops a nice crack in 2 of the tiles that are butted up against the bathtub.  Say it aint so!  Its a brand new bathroom and how could this be?  Well this means no one in the shower in that bath so everyone has to use the 2nd bath.  Its a Saturday night when this happens so on Sunday I pull out the camera and take a couple shots and send them to the contractor.
  • That following Monday morning bright and early I get an email reply back stating that they are going to send the contractor back out to repair.  It took us a month to get them to come out to start and only 24 hours to get them back to make the repairs? How could that be?  Made no sense to me and I was anticipating a few days before they would even acknowledge my email.  Why promptly respond to me now after I had already made the final payment on the project? But sometimes people will surprise you.  They show up and replace the tiles.  Fortunately we had excess from the project and there was no need to wait on the contractor to get more tiles.
  • Tuesday morning they are back after letting the tile adhesive cure.  Time to grout and then back out the door
  • Wednesday morning they come back one last time to clean off excess grout and to silicone around the faucet.  I get the story that the contractor believes that when he was doing the 2nd bath (which shares the same plumbing lines) he may have pulled the pipes back a little and that pressure of the faucet spout against the tiles may have created the pressure point that caused the cracking.  So he fessed up, which was a nice gesture.

So one day before Thanksgiving (11/27) we are done and have 2 working bathrooms again.  Definitely a venture to put in the books and many lessons learned from this ordeal.

So now for the remainder we have a lot of cleaning up to do.  You would never know but spackle and sheetrock dust can get EVERYWHERE.  Even though they were outside (partially in my driveway and partially in my garage), that crap gets all over and its very fine so dusting and vacuuming is going to be going on for quite a few weeks until we have everything in the house cleaned up.

With that out of the way I can now focus my attention back on what I originally started this blog for…photography.  Well that’s the main reason, but it is a blog so it can’t always be about photography every day.  Coming up in a few weeks I will be out at a meetup to do some night shots of some sculptures that are being lit up for the holidays.  Good op for me to practice my tripod and night shot skills. Have two “students” that I am helping with getting them more familiar with their DSLR’s and one of them has already signed up for the event which is nice. Practice is what its all about right?


Avid amateur photographer always looking to enhance my skills and to learn from others through workshops, photowalks and just meeting up.

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3 comments on “Finally, finally, finally….our bathrooms are done
  1. Mike says:

    Glad it’s done for you Ed! We just got done with a kitchen remodeling nightmare…Home Improvement, never easy!

  2. Mike says:

    Looks beautiful BTW!

    • velezphoto says:

      Thanks Mike. I dread looking forward to a kitchen makeover not only for the cost but what else I may find. I started with the bathrooms thinking they would be easy. I may have over estimated that thought. But we can talk more the next time we meet up to take some shots.

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