That time of year to hide the scale…and bring out the camera

Food and photography….synergy in the making if you ask me.  What is it about food that wants to make you go out and take a shot of it with your camera?  Just recently the obsession to want to snap a shot of your food and post it on instagram has been spreading like mad. Selfies are so passé these days.  Hey there are even courses on how to take photos of food.


Don’t get me wrong, if your profession is to take photos for menus, displays, art, whatever, that’s fine and dandy.  I think that some folks take it to the extreme and just forget they are in a restaurant and will take a shot of that exquisite desert with their feet on the chair, head facing straight down and using flash no less!   Really??  Its food people.

So where the hell am I going with this ranting?  Photography is all about creativity, its about pushing your limits.  Its learning new ways to show the same object, perhaps in a dozen different ways.  So why not just grab your camera or camera phone and just snap away?  For one you could come off as a total geek if not done correctly.  The other is that you need to know your surroundings and be mindful of others that may not want to be in the picture or perhaps you are impeding the flow of traffic or worse yet, could be creating a safety issue.

The shots above were taken last Sunday at a church function that my wife asked me to attend so that I could get some candid shots of the event for  use by the church at a later time. At no time did I pop out the flash and push people out of the way to get the shots.  What I did do was wait for people to move at their pace and when the shot was open I took it without flash.  I prefer to be as stealth as possible and to allow the folks there enjoy their day and not have this guy walking around acting like he owns the place and has priority to every nook and cranny in the place.  No one would appreciate me just walking into their kitchen to snap off shots while they are working.  We all know that.

With every event I go to, I always try to take a few shots for practice, ones I know that I wont be giving to anyone else.  This way I get some skill sharpening in there to better myself.  With these 2 shots I wanted to push my depth of field skills with backlighting.  Of course metering in one spot and focusing in another was key in order to keep proper exposure.

The result are shots that bring your eye to the main subject in the shot and the vignetting helps with that. Some blurring also supports that when appropriate.

Color also brings peoples eyes right to the subject as with the gluten free cookies.  The red and white pop out enough to bring you right to them.  My fav though are the choco chips.  You have all those other dishes there but the cookies offset the bright window in the background nicely.

So just be patient, be courteous, and be ready to take your shots.



Avid amateur photographer always looking to enhance my skills and to learn from others through workshops, photowalks and just meeting up.

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