Coming out of hibernation (well…almost anyway)


So I figured I had my rest for the winter and now its time to awaken the blog from its slumber and to get back outdoors with camera and friends in hand to see what I could find.  This was one interesting winter to say the least and even at the end of March here in New Jersey, the temperature was still a bit on the cold side and we still had some ice and snow on the ground.  But those of us adventurous (or crazy, whichever way you want to look at it) enough to take the trek weren’t totally disappointed.  Had I wanted to see more color?  Sure.  Had I hoped for warmer weather to take my shots? Of course.  But photography is a hobby that knows no limits whether its climate, people, heights…you name it, if there is a shot to be had someplace, somewhere, people will take that leap and go for it. Below are 2 shots that I thought brought out the feeling of the day while visiting Ken Lockwood Gorge in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

Having never been out on any of the “meetups” that are posted on the before, this was my 1st one and we had a sizable group show up, albeit some took the directions to get there slightly differently and we crossed paths along the way.  The weather was chilly with some wind and there was no sun out, mainly overcast (that was until we decided to leave and then the sun decided it wanted to make an appearance).

With the conditions that was dealt us, I decided that the landscape shots I was going to go for were not meant to be on this day so instead I opened up my ND filter kit that I had with me and decided to go for long exposure shots.  With little to no sun, slowing down the shutter was a pretty straight forward with filters ranging from 2 to 4 stops.  In some cases I only used one filter, in others I did stack them but had to be careful since my 24-70 wide open would show some signs of the filter stacking by blocking some of the picture (as can be seen by the 1st picture below if you look at the corner edges)

Both shots below are taken with my Canon 5D3 with a Canon 24-70mm f2.8L II with exposure times of 128 seconds @ f22.  I had my Benro C2691TB1 tripod with me as well expecting to take long exposure shots anyway. ND filters used were by Tiffen and came as a set of 3 filters for my 82mm lens.  The nice thing about getting 82mm is with a step up ring adapter I can use these on any lens in the future that is less than 82mm. Editing was done in Adobe Lightroom 5 with some additional work using Photoshop CC and OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 8.

Also have to give credit to Scott Wyden Kivowitz for his insights into long exposure photography through his class that I was privileged to take as well as his e-book.

If you interested in seeing more pictures taken at the gorge by other photographers that were there that day you can click here to see them.  I highly recommend using and just searching on photography and perhaps find yourself a meetup group that is local to you.  There are days going out by yourself can be rewarding, but there are other days going out in a group is just that much exciting and educational.






Avid amateur photographer always looking to enhance my skills and to learn from others through workshops, photowalks and just meeting up.

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4 comments on “Coming out of hibernation (well…almost anyway)
  1. Amy Pinkrose says:

    Now that is downright gorgeous! Wowow!!! I am SO excited to do falls to see if I can get this effect as you did. Great shot!!!

    • velezphoto says:

      My plan Amy is to try and make it back up there in the fall when the leaves are still on the trees and the color is rich. If for nothing else this was a good day for practicing, which you can never get enough of. Thanks for the comments

      • Amy Pinkrose says:

        Well it is a great shot. This waiting for Spring is SO hard and boy I really must be creative to get shots (present shots). Most of the time I am scrambling in my files and folders searching for the perfect image to join with my words. All the best to you! (((HUGS))) Amy

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